Saving Tips for Motel Accommodation

Good accommodation is important when traveling to new places but the high costs may result in debts. It is vital to choose and plan for your accommodation early so that you will be able to adhere to the set budget. Motel lodging is favored by many travelers and vacationers because it provides cheap and convenient accommodation. However, the cumulative costs will often be high especially if you are extending your stay because all aspects of the stay cannot be accounted for beforehand. Here are some tips on how to keep your expenses as low as possible.

Coupons and Discounts

There are many deals and offers available for motel accommodation so take advantage of any applicable ones. You can make significant savings by booking your room through affiliate websites that are linked to the motel and search online for coupons that will give you a discount when used during confirmation of the room. Additionally, there are existing discounts that are offered to members of specific groups and organization so inquire about pertinent policies. Such offers may apply to individuals such as students, emergency workers and military personnel. The specifics will vary among different hospitality institutions and official membership must be proven if the discounts apply.


The cost of food when staying at a motel can have a huge financial impact so you should budget for this specific expense. Most travelers and vacationers spend more than they should because they primarily rely on restaurant food for sustenance. While this may seem convenient, it is costly especially when you are staying for a week or longer. Motel rooms are usually equipped with some basic amenities such as a small fridge and sometimes, a microwave. Purchase food items from the local stores and store them. You can use a portable cooler for drinks and perishables if there is no room refrigerator. Breakfast can consist of cereal, milk, yoghurt and some fruit; this will cost less compared to restaurant meals and be more satisfying. For lunch, simple sandwiches and soft drinks will suffice as long as you have the right materials. You can splurge on supper or dinner by trying out local restaurants.


If you are a frequent traveler, consider remaining loyal to a single motel company (such as Burswood Lodge). You will get better service and discounts when you are a well-known returning customer. Moreover, many motel chains have loyalty reward programs where points are earned for money spent and these can be redeemed for free nights in the future.