Choosing a motel when you visiting to watch a sports game

If you are a keen football fan, there is nothing better than seeing your team live, and the teams love having their fanatics come up to support them for away games. Motels can be a great option for a trip to watch the team play. Here is how to choose a motel for your trip.

Close to the footy ground

You might be able to find cheaper rooms further out, but it's not worth the stress of trying to negotiate a new public transport system or parking on a busy match day. Choose a motel close to the footy ground so that everyone in the travelling party can relax, and have a few beers if they want. When you check in, ask the motel for a map of the local area so you can check out where you can buy some lunch or dinner before or after the game.

Fast Wi-Fi

If you are going to be video calling back home to say goodnight to the kids, or uploading some pictures of your team scoring some killer goals, then you want to make sure that the Wi-Fi is fast enough to handle some streaming. If the motel charges extra for the Wi-Fi, you should factor that into the cost of the stay so that you don't end up with a bargain room and extremely expensive Wi-Fi charges or data overruns on your plan.

Group booking

If you are travelling with a group of similarly minded friends, you should see if the motel can accommodate you as a group. Not only is it more fun to stay in the rooms next to each other, it can also stop you from being woken up early by the neighbouring kids (or you waking up the kids when you come in late at night!). Motels can be great for these kinds of trips as there will often be a lower density of units and you may be able to get a floor or wing to yourselves.

If you decide to make a group booking, you may also be able to get some twin rooms, which can further reduce the cost of the trip. Of course, just make sure you don't get stuck rooming in with a super heavy snorer or you may fall asleep during the game.

A motel is a great option if you are planning a trip with a group of friends to see a sports game. For more information, contact a local motel like Welcome Inn 277.