Smart Business Travel: Tips on Choosing the Best Accommodation

Business travel can be a stressful and time-consuming affair when proper planning is not carried out. In addition, there are different types of accommodation spots which are suitable for corporate travellers. These options include corporate hotels, motels, extended stay hotels and rental apartments. There are obvious factors to consider like the proximity to your business meeting location, costs and personal preference.

However, you can make your travelling experience more favourable by thinking beyond these evident aspects. Here are some smart travel tips to help you choose the best accommodation for your business trips.

Consider Technological Features

Business travel requires streamlined technology to enable continued contact with your base of operation. It is important to ensure that you will enjoy the best features with this regard in your chosen accommodation spot. A good hotel should have reliable Wi-Fi services to allow quick access to your email and cloud information. The network should be secure and allow easy connection via laptops, tablets and phones. If you will require printing, meeting space or remote video conferencing technology, choose a specialised corporate hotel. Alternatively, ensure that there are near-by businesses offering these services.

Manage Your Booking Online

There are different ways to manage accommodation booking tasks online instead of making calls to the hotel. Telephone communication is normally reliable but the information provided is not thorough and comprehensive unless you ask very specific questions. Moreover, if you are calling to reserve a room in a busy hotel during peak seasons, you may be inconvenienced by being put on hold. Online resources will provide all-inclusive data on the stay. You will learn about essential features like availability of hotel transportation for out-of-town businesspeople and late-night meals in case your meetings run late.

You can evaluate different accommodation by checking official information in company websites or smartphone applications before booking. There are also third-party websites which will allow you to automatically compare features and costs for local hotels. You can also view ratings in business travel circles and read individual reviews and complaints from past customers. In addition, you can track the hotel rate fluctuations in real-time which will help you make timely decisions. This information is not easily available from offline resources.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are designed to allow you to reap the benefits of being a consistent customer at hotels. If you are a frequent business traveller, you should choose accommodation with these plans to gain perks. However, if you are a one-time traveller, you should not make a decision based on this criterion.