Important Questions to Ask When Booking a Bed and Breakfast Room

A bed and breakfast or B&B room is typically much different than a hotel room. With a B&B room, you usually stay in a person's private home and are given a bedroom along with a meal at the beginning of the day. This type of accommodation can be very quaint and more enjoyable than a standard, "cookie cutter" hotel stay but can also be very different in ways you might not imagine. Before you book a B&B room, note a few questions to ask.

1. Ask if you will have a private bathroom

This isn't always the case with a B&B because you typically stay in a private home that doesn't have as many bathrooms as bedrooms. If you're uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with someone else, you may want to ask for a private suite, if available. Otherwise, be prepared for a line to the bathroom and to adjust your schedule for showering as you may need to work around others who are in that line ahead of you!

2. Note if you will have a phone, TV and internet access

There are certain amenities that you take for granted when you stay at a hotel these days, including a phone in your room, a TV, and internet access. Never assume you get these same amenities when you stay at a bed and breakfast. Because some are meant to have a more rustic feeling, they may not have televisions in each room. Some are also located in very remote locations that don't allow for good internet signals, and those running a B&B may also not provide individual phones, assuming that their guests will all have their own cell phones. If you need any of these features, always ask when booking a room.

3. Ask when breakfast is served and about the menu

At a hotel, you can typically visit the attached restaurant at any time, but a B&B often doesn't work this way. They may only serve breakfast for a short time in the morning and may have a set menu of limited items. Note too that you may be expected to eat at a family-style dining table with other visitors and guests and even your hosts that own the facility. If you tend to sleep late or don't appreciate other people around you when traveling, you may want to ask about special accommodations such as a private table on a porch or be prepared to visit a restaurant after the B&B kitchen is closed.