Planning the Perfect Anniversary Meal

As you stay in a relationship for longer it can feel challenging to find the right way to express how much you care for your partner and how grateful you are for their ongoing support. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, though - here are some suggestions on making a meal out with your partner special. 

Go to an old favourite

If you have an old favourite restaurant that you used to go to regularly when you were dating, it can be fun to go back and see how much or little it has changed. It can be easy to get out of the habit of visiting old favourites if you have moved suburbs or towns, but taking the trip back down memory lane can be a good way to start you both reflecting on how far you've come and the life you've shared together. 

Let the restaurant know it's a special meal

If the restaurant knows that you are coming to celebrate a special meal such as anniversary they will often go out of their way to make the meal extra nice. You can also ask them to prepare any special meals or drinks that you might like, such as a having a bottle of sparkling wine on ice for your arrival. This can help your spouse feel that you have made some extra effort in making the plans for this meal, and happy that you are proudly telling people it is your anniversary.

Leave enough time

While life can be busy, and if you have kids it can be expensive getting babysitting, it is important to leave enough time to have a nice meal and not just scarf down the main course between other commitments. By dedicating a few hours to the meal, you'll both have a chance to unwind and connect with each other, whereas a short meal can be less conducive to long conversation. If you don't want  to spend all night at the restaurant, you can always plan something for after dinner, such as a romantic stroll. 

Having a romantic meal together on your anniversary can be a great way for a couple to reconnect and spend some time talking to each other alone. Why not plan a meal at the place you had your first date or proposed so you can spend some time remembering all the good times you've had together?