Learning to speak hotel

It's never been easier to compare hotel prices online, but it's vital to know what you're comparing. Hotel listings can sometimes seem to be in their own language, but once you've mastered a few terms you'll find it easier to know what you're getting.  Hotel: locals already know this, but it can be confusing to visitors -- a "hotel" in Australia isn't necessarily a place to stay, such as the Windsor Lodge Como. [Read More]

Smart Business Travel: Tips on Choosing the Best Accommodation

Business travel can be a stressful and time-consuming affair when proper planning is not carried out. In addition, there are different types of accommodation spots which are suitable for corporate travellers. These options include corporate hotels, motels, extended stay hotels and rental apartments. There are obvious factors to consider like the proximity to your business meeting location, costs and personal preference. However, you can make your travelling experience more favourable by thinking beyond these evident aspects. [Read More]

Choosing a motel when you visiting to watch a sports game

If you are a keen football fan, there is nothing better than seeing your team live, and the teams love having their fanatics come up to support them for away games. Motels can be a great option for a trip to watch the team play. Here is how to choose a motel for your trip. Close to the footy ground You might be able to find cheaper rooms further out, but it's not worth the stress of trying to negotiate a new public transport system or parking on a busy match day. [Read More]

Saving Tips for Motel Accommodation

Good accommodation is important when traveling to new places but the high costs may result in debts. It is vital to choose and plan for your accommodation early so that you will be able to adhere to the set budget. Motel lodging is favored by many travelers and vacationers because it provides cheap and convenient accommodation. However, the cumulative costs will often be high especially if you are extending your stay because all aspects of the stay cannot be accounted for beforehand. [Read More]